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 In light of recent reports on incidences of public land grab, LDGI rolled out a survey to establish the status of public land management in Kenya. The study targeted public institutions which hold large tracts of land as well as County Land Management Boards (in charge of managing public land at the devolved level. The report was released at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers, on Wednesday, 24th February 2016. The results of the survey…
In September and October 2015, LDGI carried out its periodic Scorecard report that monitors the progress being made in the land reforms implementation process. This scorecard, the Institute's 18th, sought to establish the status of service delivery in lands offices around the country, and find out whether the reforms at the institutional level have any impact on the service seekers' experiences at registries. The report was released at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers, on…
The Land Development and Governance Institute is dedicated to improving livelihoods through offering a bridge between communities, stakeholders and policy makers in the promotion of equitable access and sustainable management of land and natural resources. In its effort to achieve this, the Institute is constantly employing innovative methods of communicating the land reforms message to the public.In this regard, the Institute has launched a partnership with the East African Cartoonist Society (KATUNI) in implementing a social media campaign built around…
With the five year constitutional timeline for the enactment of legislation on community land and regulation of land use and property nearly coming to an end, LDGI got involved in efforts to ensure the bills being formulated towards this end are not hurriedly done but instead uphold the principles of sustainable land use while taking into account the various social and economic aspect of land ownership in the country. Part of these efforts led to LDGIs involvement in the National…
The 27th of August 2015 will mark five years since the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya. The new Constitution brought about progress in the land reforms implementation process with the inclusion of a chapter on Land and Environment (Chapter Five), and subsequently, provisions to enact legislation to guide different aspects of land administration and management with timelines for the same. As we approach the five year mark, LDGI took to its role in ensuring implementation of laws and policies…