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Pastoralism is the main production system practised by communities who live in range lands and dry lands which are usually arid or semi-arid. But pastoral communities are facing increasing pressure on their land. Traditionally, pastoral communities have accessed and used land collectively, using customary laws and norms to manage the land. For example, the Maasai community in Kenya believed that land was a birth right accessible to everyone. No individual could restrict access over a section of land. In addition,…
Kenyans of Asian origin and foreigners who have acquired land in the country are a worried lot due to frequent intimidations from influential people keen to evict them. Occupants of lease hold properties have become targets of a cartel that is colluding with officials at the Ministry of Lands to fraudulently process extension and renewal of land leases, according to Nyamira Senator Kennedy Mong’are. In Nairobi, hired goons who rely on forged ownership documents and renewing others illegally have descended…
 In light of recent reports on incidences of public land grab, LDGI rolled out a survey to establish the status of public land management in Kenya. The study targeted public institutions which hold large tracts of land as well as County Land Management Boards (in charge of managing public land at the devolved level. The report was released at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers, on Wednesday, 24th February 2016. The results of the survey…
In September and October 2015, LDGI carried out its periodic Scorecard report that monitors the progress being made in the land reforms implementation process. This scorecard, the Institute's 18th, sought to establish the status of service delivery in lands offices around the country, and find out whether the reforms at the institutional level have any impact on the service seekers' experiences at registries. The report was released at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers, on…
The Land Development and Governance Institute is dedicated to improving livelihoods through offering a bridge between communities, stakeholders and policy makers in the promotion of equitable access and sustainable management of land and natural resources. In its effort to achieve this, the Institute is constantly employing innovative methods of communicating the land reforms message to the public.In this regard, the Institute has launched a partnership with the East African Cartoonist Society (KATUNI) in implementing a social media campaign built around…

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