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News and Events

LDGI Stakeholders Engagement Forums – Meru and Tharaka-Nithi Counties (August – September 2014) Featured

The Institute is currently undertaking a program seeking to build the capacities of key stakeholders and actors on the existing policy, constitutional and legal frameworks that govern the sustainable management of land and natural resources at national and county level. Towards this end we have organized sub-county forums for Meru and Tharaka-Nithi Counties to run in the months of August and September 2014.

The forums aim to increase citizens understanding and participation in the management and administration of land in the county and promote sustainable development in the region.
The sub-county forum dates and venues are as follows:
Imenti South Sub-County Forum – 26th August 2014, Nkubu Heritage Hotel
Tharaka-Nithi County Forum – 28th August, 2014, Chuka University
Igembe Sub-County Forum –8th September, 2014
Tigania Sub-County Forum – 10th September, 2014
Imenti North and Imenti Central Sub-County Forum – 23rd September, 2014
Buuri Sub-County Forum – 25th September, 2014
Let's all promote sustainable management of land and natural resources in our counties.