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News and Events

Buuri Stakeholders Engagement Forum – 2ndOctober 2014 Featured

The sixth and final of the Meru Stakeholders Engagement Forums took place on Thursday 2nd October 2014, at Nazareth Polytechnic (Mboroga), focusing on public and community leadership from Buuri Sub-county. The forum brought together National Government officers, NjuriNcheke Council of Elders, Church leadership, community, women and youth leadershipto discuss matters of sustainable management of land and natural resources, and issues pertinent to the sub-counties.
In the opening remarks, NjuriNcheke National Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Benjamin Mugambi pointed out the need for participants to be agents of change and convey the message of land reforms to the public, as well as putting into practise all land use lessons they will take from the forum. LDGI Executive Director further highlighted the importance of NjuriNcheke and leaders in general in land matters and more specifically their role in dispute resolution. LDGI Board Member, Ms. Catherine Kariuki in her remarks called upon the public to improve on land management practises for posterity and to reduce pressure on land by seeking other sources of income.
LDGI Executive Director in his presentation on 'Status of Land Reforms in Kenya' also called upon leaders in their various capacities to be keen on land officials' appointments so as to be able to hold them accountable. Participants were also trained on management of the different categories of land as in the Constitution and how they can get involved with the land administration and management institutions for accountability purposes. Participants also got training on 'Planning, Sub-divisions, Boundaries and Dispute Resolution'.
The plenary session of the forum saw participants seek clarity on issues around titling within the sub-county, repossession of irregularly acquired land parcels, reversal of Land Control Board decisions in cases where one appeals the decision, wetland preservation and the measures that the Government is taking to monitor the performance of lands officials.