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News and Events

15th Scorecard Report Release – October 2014 Featured

The Institute released its 15th Scorecard Report at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers, on Tuesday, 14th October 2014. The survey took place in the months of August and September 2014, aiming to gauge the Status of Service Delivery in Land Registries, in light of the recent reorganization exercise by the Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development.

The report showed that while service delivery has recorded some improvement over the last year, a lot is still to be done if the effects of the land reforms implementation process, and the reorganization process are to be felt by the common mwananchi. From the survey, citizens are dissatisfied with access to information and timeliness at registries, ranking both of these poorly. Corruption remains high with 52% of the respondents stating it as high.

With regard to the Lands Ministry's recent reorganization exercise in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi and Kwale, just over half (51%) are aware of this program, while the rest are unaware. Furthermore, 71% of citizens interviewed felt that the exercise has had no impact on services at registries. The Institute also checked the results from the four registries to draw comparisons from data collected in July 2013 and from this analysis the Nairobi, Mombasa and Kwale registries have recorded slight improvements and Kilifi has had no improvement.

The report calls for computerization of land records and automation of processes, civic education and increased public engagement in the reforms process, countrywide restructuring and reshuffling, cooperation of the Ministry and state agencies, participation of key stakeholders and issuance of title deeds.

The Land Watch Note, released with the report highlighted the gains and challenges in the land sector since the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010. The gains include the enactment of new laws, establishment of new institutions (National Land Commission, Environmental & Land Courts and County Land Management Boards), issuance of title deeds in part of the coast region, commencement of recovery of grabbed public land, and pending legislation awaiting enactment (Community Land Bill, Eviction & Resettlement Bill). However, the land sector also faces challenges in computerization of land records, titling, land use planning, alternate dispute resolution frameworks, lack of adequate Environment & Land Courts, pending Community Land Bill, need to reduce transaction times at lands offices, need for clarity in processing leasehold grants and creation of public awareness.

The full Report and Land Watch Note are available for download on the website.