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News and Events

Media Briefing: Performance of the Environment & Land Court Featured

LDGI, on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014, released its 16th Scorecard Report at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers reporting on the performance of the Environment & Land Court. The media briefing was attended by journalists from various media houses as well as the Institute's Board of Directors.

The report has highlighted that despite there being an Environment & Land Court in place, there is a lot to be done to improve its accessibility to the common mwananchi. Majority of Kenyans remain confident in the Environment & Land Court, however this is only representative of counties with the courts (16 counties).

Most of those in counties with ELC can access the courts with ease and can access information as well. However, a majority feel that costs in these institutions are unaffordable (52.1%). Citizens also feel these courts are slow in delivering justice on land disputes, mainly due to the few number of judges serving this court (one per county outside Nairobi County), and the lack of premises forcing the courts to operate on specific days of the week. Citizens ranked corruption low in these courts, but cautioned on lawyers who craft delays to create opportunities for rent seeking.

The report calls for computerization of the court's registry, provision of independent premises of the court, hiring of more judges and establishment of more ELCs to cover all counties.

LDGI Executive Director Mr. Mwenda Makathimo called for the need for the Judiciary to avail resources to this court to unlock the disputes that are hampering investments and development on land.

The Institute's Land Watch Note, presented by LDGI Chairman Mr. Ibrahim Mwathane, highlighted the recent positive environment currently being enjoyed in the land sector in form of political goodwill and stakeholder support, with the recent executive decision by the Lands Ministry and the Lands Commission to work together in land administration and management. The Land Watch Note however pointed out the need for the two institutions to work towards completing pending legislation; completing titling programs; development of a Land Information Management System; and establishment of a stakeholder engagement framework for the land sector.

The full Report and Land Watch Note are available for download on the website. here