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News and Events

17th Scorecard Report Release: Land Governance Institutions Featured

LDGI has released its 17th Scorecard Report at a Media Briefing at the Nairobi Safari Club – Lilian Towers, on Tuesday, 26thMay 2015. The survey took place in the months of April and May 2015, and sought to establish how citizens are interacting with the various land administration and management institutions in the current institutional framework.

The report centred on Land Governance Institutions under the current institutional framework (Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development, National Land Commission, County Land Management Boards and County Ministries in charge of land).

The survey revealed that Kenyans face different challenges in transacting at these institutions. Main challenges at the Lands Ministry are corruption and long turnaround times, while poor access to services is impeding services at the National Land Commission. Citizens also cited incidences of rent-seeking when dealing with Land Control Boards. Lack of clarity on institutional framework, both among the public and among lands officers, is contributing to poor systems in land governance.

The report recommends that Parliament streamline the institutional framework to ensure harmony in land administration. In addition, LDGI Executive Director, Mr. MwendaMakathimo urged the leadership of the Lands Ministry to review performance of Land Control Boards as the current board members have held office for the last seven years. There is need to recruit new members to these boards and set out clear remuneration forms (including gazettement) to avoid rent-seeking. The Institute also called for establishment of all 47 counties and public awareness creation on the current institutional framework.

The Land Watch Note, released alongside the report highlighted the gains in the land sector in the 5 years since the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010. The Land Watch Note gave a summary of the progress made thus far both under legislation and under programmes as stated in the Constitution and the Policy. The Land Watch Note also gave recommendations to Parliament (Senate and National Assembly) to act fast to meet constitutional timelines for enactment of laws that will affect land administration and management in the country.

The full Report and Land Watch Note are available for download on this website.