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Cartoonists for Land Reforms Featured

The Land Development and Governance Institute is dedicated to improving livelihoods through offering a bridge between communities, stakeholders and policy makers in the promotion of equitable access and sustainable management of land and natural resources. In its effort to achieve this, the Institute is constantly employing innovative methods of communicating the land reforms message to the public.
In this regard, the Institute has launched a partnership with the East African Cartoonist Society (KATUNI) in implementing a social media campaign built around a set of cartoons focused on land rights and natural resources. This initiative aims to capture the interest of the public to think and talk openly about land issues.

The development of the cartoon portal (www.landcartoons.co.ke) will provide the public with information on land reforms and natural resource management, owing to the recognition that art inspires, illuminates in our lives and empowers people. This initiative will be upscaled with the use of social media, to give land and natural resources matters global attention.

The cartoon portal will highlight, among others, issues surrounding: land as a limited resource; centrality of land to culture; land and natural resources; public participation; gender equality; land grabbing; land acquisition for investment; and pollution.

The cartoon portal will work to give a voice to all members of the society and providing them with critical information on the importance of natural resources and the need for good stewardship.

Follow updates on this initiative on our social media pages;
Twitter: @ldgi_kenya
Facebook: Land Development & Governance Institute