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Government waives fees for title searches Featured

The Cabinet has issued a directive waiving fees for land title searches.

Chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta, the government on Thursday issued the waiver to cushion Kenyans from unnecessary costs.

This is part of the Government’s policy to make doing business in Kenya easier.

The directive is also expected to reduce the bureaucratic procedures that have characterised land transactions for decades.

It comes on the back of the progress that the Jubilee administration has made in issuing more than three million title deeds since coming into office.

The government was able to surpass its target of issuing three million titles by fast-tracking the issuance of titles through a temporary waiver of land adjudication and survey fees

Ministry of Lands is also working on the digitisation of land registries that has seen automation of land transactions thus reducing the time it takes to complete a transaction.

Automation has also reduced the possibilities of tampering with property data.